Franco Pellegrino

I have been painting for more than forty years and have always tried to develop my work with
honesty and integrity, first and foremost.

Life's situations...its highs and lows, are the true source of
inspiration for my paintings. As long as I am alive and have
the capacity to acknowledge true feelings, I have the necessary
pallet to continue to produce and record my reactions and
feelings toward the events that occur around me.

I have always considered myself a true landscape painter:
intimately observing and understanding nature's changes and varied temperament.

The past few years have marked my return to landscape painting
with a new perspective and a deeper understanding of my environment.
Living in the Berkshires, as well as traveling to familiar and unique
environments, each with their own abrupt and questionable changes in mood,
light and hue...provide me with continual and infinite inspiration.

I believe my work is immediately engaging, offering an innate sense of resolution
and perception of the gift of light and its relationship to time...

Thank you for viewing my images.